TEMECULA PUBLIC LIBRARY- Traveling Through the World of Spices

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

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Did you know you can travel the world and never leave your kitchen? It’s true! The last time you used your pepper mill the peppercorns may have come from Indonesia. The pink salt on your table might have been from deep inside the mountains of Pakistan. Just imagine the origin of the wonderful aromas that make up a flavorful curry or a spicy barbeque rub.  


Besides origin, there are so many more interesting facts to learn about spices. What did early explorers think of spices? Were spices ever used as medicine? If you would like to explore the exotic world of spices then join us as we take a sensory journey along the spice road with Old Town Spice & Tea Merchants.

Event Type(s): Adult program
Age Group(s): Adult
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