IDYLLWILD LIBRARY Presidents Book Club ~Andrew Johnson

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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Join us as we read through all the U.S. presidents. This month we are reading about Andrew Johnson, our 17th president.  From "With the Assassination of Lincoln, the Presidency fell upon an old-fashioned southern Jacksonian Democrat of pronounced states’ rights views. Although an honest and honorable man, Andrew Johnson was one of the most unfortunate of Presidents. Arrayed against him were the Radical Republicans in Congress, brilliantly led and ruthless in their tactics. Johnson was no match for them. In March 1867, the Radicals effected their own plan of Reconstruction, again placing southern states under military rule. They passed laws placing restrictions upon the President. When Johnson allegedly violated one of these, the Tenure of Office Act, by dismissing Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton, the House voted eleven articles of impeachment against him. He was tried by the Senate in the spring of 1868 and acquitted by one vote."

There are no rules for this club. You may read any book or material you would like. We do offer several books at the front desk if you would like to choose one. All are welcome to our Presidents Book Club which meets every other month on the even months.

Event Type(s): Book Club
Age Group(s): Adult
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