EL CERRITO LIBRARY Coding for Kids Scratch 2

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
El Cerrito Library
Children's room

Event Details

Scratch Game Design! This is a free 8 week course, no experience needed!For children from ages 8 and up. Learn how  to code with Scratch 2.0 on a laptop and design your own games! RSVP for one of our 6 available laptops or bring your own laptop. No Classes on March 28th and 29th.

Here is the agenda for each week:

3/14- 3/15/17 Activity 1: Gaming Story – learn about the scope and procedures of the 8 week workshop, then create a gaming story in Scratch.

3/21-3/22/17 Activity 2: Racing Game – create a two-player racing game in which players control movement with the keyboard.

3/28-3/29/17 No Meeting; Enjoy your vacation break!

4/4 – 4/5/17 Activity 3: Maze Game – create a game in which the player guides a sprite through a maze.

4/11- 4/12/17 Activity 4: Platform Game – create and learn about platform games. Participants program a player sprite to move and jump across platforms when the arrow keys are pressed. In order to win, the player sprite must make it across all the platforms and touch another sprite.

 4/18 – 4/19/17 Activity 5: Escape Game – create an escape game in which a player must avoid other sprites that move randomly. Users increase their score by avoiding these sprites.

 4/25- 4/26/17 Activity 6: Launcher Game – create a launcher game using Key press events, clones, and variables. In this game, a player must launch and navigate a sprite across a screen of bouncing enemies.

5/2 – 5/3/17 Activity 7: Quest Game – learn how to use storytelling in video game design while building an RPG style Quest Game.

 5/9 – 5/10/17 Activity 8: Cave Surfing Game- create a game with a side scrolling background (similar to the popular game Flappy Bird). In this game, the player sprite moves up and down to avoid obstacles. This workshop ends with certificate distribution and a closing reflective discussion.


Event Type(s): Steam
Age Group(s): Children
Nancy Reiter
(951) 270-5012